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Get Tip and Tricks to improve your DIY skills.

Energy Saving

How to save electricity.

Hanging Wallpaper

Follow these easy steps to hanging wallpaper and you will find the job easier than you imagined.

Installing A Security Light

Get peace of mind by following these easy steps to installing an external security light.

Adjusting Hinges

They may look complicated, but this guide will make adjusting hinges a breeze.

Changing A Tap Washer

Don't waste precious water - follow these easy steps to stop that dripping tap by changing the washer.

Building A Picnic Table

This simple, but sturdy, picnic table can seat six adults and will provide years of service.

Changing A Lightbulb Holder

This is a particularly useful skill to have if you wish to upgrade the fittings in a room after decorating.

Mixing Concrete

Save money and master a new skill by tackling small concrete projects yourself.

Gluing & Joining Pvc Plastic Pipes

Here are some tips for cutting and joining plastic pipes that will guarantee a long-lasting plumbing job.

Replacing A Tile

The look of a tiled wall can be ruined by a broken tile or discoloured grout. Both problems can be solved easily.

Caulking A Bath Tub

When the caulking around a bathtub starts to crack and stain

Building A Timber Deck

This leaflet details the step-by-step instructions on how to complete a DIY timber deck.

Drylining Rhinoboard

A basic drylining system primarily for the housing market and refurbishment sector.

Applying Preglued Edging

This leaflet details the application of edge banding in home decoration jobs.

Wiring A Plug

This leaflet details how to wire a plug for an appliance, even though most electrical appliances come with a fitted plug.

Fixing Vinyl Floor Tiles

Inexpensive vinyl tiles are not hard to lay, but care is needed to ensure a good end result.

Erecting A Wooden Fence

Follow these instructions to bring a bit more privacy to your and your neighbour's gardens.

Building A Block Screen

A block screen is a simple and effective way to create a private area in the garden.

Building A Braai

If you are serious about barbecuing, what could be more satisfying than building your own?

Making Your Home Child Safe

Follow this guide to help keep your child away from “serious and preventable accidents and injuries”.

Building Shelves

Additional shelving is useful in almost every home and can be added easily by following this guide.

Installing Dado Rails

Dado and picture rails give a room a lift and also add practicality as you can suspend items from them.

Installing Skirtings

Skirtings are an attractive feature in any room and are very easy to install.

Installing Burglar Guards

Read these basic, simple instructions and go about making your home as secure as possible.

Mortising A Door For Hinges

Following these instructions can save you time and effort when motorising a door for hinges.

Installing a Window

Replacing window frames is a relatively simple task - this guide will show you how.

Glazing a Window

For single-glazed windows, you can easily and inexpensively replace the pane yourself.

Measuring & Marking

Measuring and marking out help you to work accurately, and are important in the costing of DIY jobs.

Using a Chalk Line

Here are a few tips that will make it easier to get good results when trying to chalk a straight line.

Laying Paving

Get perfect results when laying paving, by following this handy guide.

Plastering Using Rhinolite

Master the plastering of Rhinolite Gypsum plaster, for a great, long-lasting results.

Plastering With Plaster

The aim of this leaflet is to provide the information needed for successful plastering.

Marking & Digging Foundations

Correct marking and digging of foundations is paramount to the success of DIY projects.

Setting & Pouring Foundations

Ensure that your concrete base is the correctness thickness and width.

Laying Bricks

Practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering your ability to lay bricks.

Concrete Ratios

The correct batch ratios for concrete must be chosen for the appropriate application.

Foundations Brickwork, Backfilling, USB & Slab

This step is important to make sure the footings are level and in the correct place for the building.