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Eurolux Led Gu10 Rechargeable Globe 3W 4000K

SKU: G1108CW
This 3 step bulb is pre-set to three levels of brightness, which can be controlled by a regular light switch. Mode 1 - Operating at full power: bulb shines at 100 % ( 90 lumens ) Mode 2 - Operating in load shedding: Switch ON once - bulb shines at 50 % brightness, switch OFF and On again - bulb dims to 25 % brightness. Switch OFF and ON again - bulb dims to 10 % brightness.

Eurolux Led Rechageable Gu10 5W Warm White

SKU: G1110WW
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Battery life : up to 2 hours. Rechargeable GU10 LED 5w Warm white Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Sealed Lithium - Ion Rechargeable Battery Emergency Bulb uses the conventional GU10 base, which can be directly loaded into the socket like a normal bulb. The Built In battery is only charged when the light is turned on. This product uses a lithium battery, ensure when installing the lamp it does not exceed the maximum temperature rating of 75C If the power fails, switch the switch on & off to activate the light.

Major Tech Led Gu10 Spotlight 6500K 5Watt Each

Available in Warm White (3000K) & Cool White (6500k) Low power consumption