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Africa Tanks Water Tank Vertical Green 2500L

SKU: 2500JJG
Tank size: 1474mm (w) x 1620mm (h) Lid size 450mm, Drain fitting 40mm Overflow fitting 40mm
0 days 00 hr 00 min 00 sc

Africa Tanks Water Tank Vertical Sahara 2500L

SKU: 2500SH
Tank size: 1474mm (w) x 1620mm (h) Lid size 450mm, Drain fitting 40mm Overflow fitting 40mm
0 days 00 hr 00 min 00 sc

Africa Water Tank Slimline Sahara 1000L

SKU: 1000LT
All Africa Tanks come standard with Lid size 450mm, Drain fitting ID 40mm, and Overflow fitting ID 40mm Available colour: Sahara

Eco Septic Tank Black 2500L

The 2500L septic Tank is suitable for 4 to 9 people

Jojo Booster Pump Cover Green

Houses and protects our range of Booster Pumps Specifically designed to accommodate our entire range of Booster Pumps, this cover is manufactured from the same high-grade material as our tanks, ensuring that your pump is protected against all weather conditions.

Jojo Countertop Twin Stage Water Filter

Unique Disruptor 5293 PAC-S Technology – removes more impurities than any other filter Powdered Activated Carbon reduces odours and improves the taste Anti-microbial silver disinfects

Jojo Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor

SKU: JJ-S101
• Ideal for water of low to medium hardness • BPA-free, food-grade material • Protects pipework • Prevents corrosion • Reduces energy consumption • Environmentally friendly

Jojo Tanks First Flush Rainwater Diverter

The first flush rainwater diverter diverts the first flow of rainwater, which may contain contaminants from the roof and gutters, into a diverter tube that seals off once full. It then directs the rest of the rainwater into your water storage tank. A flow control valve ensures that the chamber can be emptied out after each rainfall, or as needed. Supplied in kit-form, it is easy to install and simple to use. Simply add the appropriate length of plumbing pipe according to the quantity of rainwater you wish to divert. Keep in mind that the more water diverted, the better the quality of water will be in the tank.

Jojo Tanks Pump To Tank Connector Kit

You’ll find everything you need to connect your tank to your pump in the booster pump to tank connector kit, making it DIY-friendly and easy to use. The hose fits seamlessly onto both your water tank and the JoJo Booster Pump (not included in this kit). For more information on what is included in the booster pump to tank connector kit and how to assemble it, please refer to our JoJo Pump to Tank Connector Kit product leaflet

Jojo Tanks Rainhead

By reducing the introduction of organic sediment into your water tank, this simple yet effective pre-filtration accessory not only improves the quality of your stored rainwater, it also reduces tank maintenance. Specifically designed for the South African climate and plumbing sizes, our one-of-a-kind Rainhead is versatile and ideal for a variety of setups. Simply install it underneath your downpipe and use either a 110mm, 80mm or 75mm plumbing pipe to feed the rainwater into your water storage tank.

Jojo Undersink Twin Stage Water Filter

For healthy, great tasting water! The clean, compact design, as well as the size of the JoJo Undersink 2-Stage Filtration Unit ensures an out of sight solution that will not take up too much space. The unit can be connected to the water supply quickly and simply, and is supplied with all required for installation including a bracket for quick fitting and a pressure relief valve. It is also manufactured from the same premium quality, recyclable materials as all our filtration products. Although it is simple to install, it is advised to make use of a local plumber/professional installer to install this system as the warranty will be void if not installed according to the instruction manual.

Jojo Water Tank Float Valve Kit’

This kit allows for effortless filling of a JoJo water tank with an automatic shut-off. Whether you prefer to manually fill your tank using a hose, or a more permanent solution that involves connecting it to your plumbing line, this kit contains all the accessories required to do so