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Gardena Accessory Adaptor 26.5mm X 3/4 Inch

SKU: 2921-37
Gardena Accessory Adapter 26.5 mm (G?") Use to connect non Gardena sprinklers with European thread

Gardena Accessory Adaptor American Thread

SKU: 2922-37
Gardena Accessory Adaptor American Thread Use to connect non Gardena sprinklers with American thread

Gardena Accu Shear 3.6Volt Li-Ion – Includes Blade Protection And Battery Charger

SKU: 8887-20
Battery type 3.6Volt Li-Ion Working Time max 45minutes (800metre lawn edges) LED charging Cutting width : 8cm Cutting length: 12.5cm with accessories Can be converted for use as grass, boxwood or shrub shears. Fast, easy and safe - the blade can be easily changed according to the individual application Precise ground and non-stick -coated blades for an ideal cutting performance and long life. 4-colour presentation pack.

Gardena Adjustable Cleaning Spraygun

SKU: 18341-20
Gardena Adjustable Cleaning Spraygun Hard jet and fine mist spray patterns

Gardena Angled Tap Connector

SKU: 2998-20
Gardena Angled Tap Connector For taps with - 33,3 mm (G1") thread, - 26,5 mm (G?") thread - 23 mm (G?") thread - 21 mm (G?") thread

Gardena Aquaclean Pressure Washer Battery Operated

SKU: 14800-55
Gardena Battery Medium Pressure Washer AquaClean 18V/24Bar P4A SOLO 3 Pressure settings : 9 bar, 14 bar, 24 bar Includes 5 metre suction hose Includes nozzle - 0? , 15? and 40?

Gardena Assistcut Secateur 25mm

SKU: 12222-20
Battery operated secateurs providing powerful clean cuts Intelligent sensor detects resistance 5x extra cutting power Cutting diameter : 25 mm Precision ground blades USB quick charger with "C" type cable NEW PRODUCT TO BE LAUNCHED MARCH 2023

Gardena Axe Sharpener 19Cm

SKU: 8712-20
Gardena Axe Sharpener 19 cm Diamon granulation sharpening wheels Total length : 19 cm

Gardena Backpack Sprayer 12.0L

SKU: 11140-20
Gardena Backpack Sprayer 12 Litre Hose Length : 125cm Aluminium pipe Integrated filter Maximum temperature : 35?C

Gardena Basic Set 13mm X 1/2 Inch

SKU: 18261-37
Gardena Basic Set 13 mm (1/2") Consists of: - Adjustable spray nozzle, - 1 x hose connector, - 1 x water stop connector , - 1 X 26,5 mm Tap Connector - 2 Reducers (for 21 mm & 23 mm taps)

Gardena Blower Ergojet 3000W 3 In 1

SKU: 9332-20
Gardena Electric Blower Vacuum ErgoJet 3000 3000 Watt Blow Speed 310 km/h Suction Power 170 l/s Collection volume : 45 litres