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Gardena Accu Shear 3.6Volt Li-Ion – Includes Blade Protection And Battery Charger

SKU: 8887-20
Battery type 3.6Volt Li-Ion Working Time max 45minutes (800metre lawn edges) LED charging Cutting width : 8cm Cutting length: 12.5cm with accessories Can be converted for use as grass, boxwood or shrub shears. Fast, easy and safe - the blade can be easily changed according to the individual application Precise ground and non-stick -coated blades for an ideal cutting performance and long life. 4-colour presentation pack.

Gardena Assistcut Secateur 25mm

SKU: 12222-20
Battery operated secateurs providing powerful clean cuts Intelligent sensor detects resistance 5x extra cutting power Cutting diameter : 25 mm Precision ground blades USB quick charger with "C" type cable NEW PRODUCT TO BE LAUNCHED MARCH 2023

Gardena Axe Sharpener 19Cm

SKU: 8712-20
Gardena Axe Sharpener 19 cm Diamon granulation sharpening wheels Total length : 19 cm

Gardena Classic Grass Shear

SKU: 8730-20
The GARDENA Classic Grass Shears allow precise lawn edging. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows easy cutting. Thanks to the hardened and bright galvanised blades, the Grass Shears have a long life. They are also rust-proofed. The special blade bearing allows even, powerful cutting over the whole blade length. Through the practical single-handed lock, the Grass Shears can be quickly and easily locked. The warranty period is 25 years.

Gardena Comfort Box Saw 530mm

SKU: 8747-20
The light and robust GARDENA Comfort Bow Saw 530 is ideal for sawing thicker branches and logs. With a 530-mm-long impulse-hardened and rust-proofed saw blade with fine cut teeth, the saw is optimally suited for fresh and dry wood. For problem-free and safe work in narrow areas, the bow is pointed. A comfort handle with hand protection and the second grip option at the front of the bow guarantee a safe hold and easy guidance. The sturdy steel bow is rust-proofed and has a twist-proof shape. For effective work, the blade tension can be easily adjusted through a screw mechanism. The blade can be easily and quickly replaced without tools. The complete blade protection allows safe transport and storage of the Bow Saw. The warranty period is 25 years.

Gardena Comfort Bypass Pruning Lopper

SKU: 8770-20
Gardena Comfort Bypass Pruning Lopper 500 BL Max Cutting Diameter 35 mm

Gardena Comfort Garden Secateurs Anvil 23mm

SKU: 8903-20
The GARDENA Garden Secateurs A/M with a cutting diameter of up to 23 mm are ideal for removing older, woody branches and twigs from your plants. Discover the comfort of working with ergonomically-shaped and glass-fibre reinforced ErgoTec handles. The secateurs sit firmly and securely in your hand and do not slip  thanks to the integrated soft components.

Gardena Easy Cut Bypass Pruning Lopper 600mm

SKU: 12006-20
Gardena EasyCut Pruning Lopper 600 B Ultra-light and ergonomic Max cutting diameter 42 mm Total length : 600 mm

Gardena Easy Cut Bypass Pruning Lopper 680mm

SKU: 12003-20
Gardena EasyCut Pruning Lopper 680 B Ultra-light and ergonomic Max cutting diameter 42 mm Total length : 680 mm

Gardena Easy Cut Hedge Clipper 200mm

SKU: 12301-20
Gardena Hedge Clipper EasyCut Blade length : 200 mm

Gardena Easy Cut Pruning Lopper 500mm

SKU: 12002-20
Gardena EasyCut Pruning Lopper 500 B Ultra-light and ergonomic Max cutting diameter 42 mm Total length : 500 mm