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Gardena Easy Cut Hedge Clipper 200mm

SKU: 12301-20
Gardena Hedge Clipper EasyCut Blade length : 200 mm

Gardena Hedge Clipper Nature Cut 230mm

SKU: 12300-20
The all-rounder with wooden handles for effortless cutting One of the many trademarks of GARDENA's NatureCut are without a doubt its two wooden handles. They radiate a rustic charm, making the popular model stand out from other hedge clippers. You can be sure, that the functionality keeps up with the looks. The FSC® 100%-certified wood comes exclusively from well-managed forestry. That is proofed by the 25-year warranty.

Gardena Precision Cut Hedge Clipper

SKU: 12302-20
Gardena Hedge Clipper PrecisionCut Blade length : 180 mm