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Gardena Accu Shear 3.6Volt Li-Ion – Includes Blade Protection And Battery Charger

SKU: 8887-20
Battery type 3.6Volt Li-Ion Working Time max 45minutes (800metre lawn edges) LED charging Cutting width : 8cm Cutting length: 12.5cm with accessories Can be converted for use as grass, boxwood or shrub shears. Fast, easy and safe - the blade can be easily changed according to the individual application Precise ground and non-stick -coated blades for an ideal cutting performance and long life. 4-colour presentation pack.

Gardena Classic Grass Shear

SKU: 8730-20
The GARDENA Classic Grass Shears allow precise lawn edging. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows easy cutting. Thanks to the hardened and bright galvanised blades, the Grass Shears have a long life. They are also rust-proofed. The special blade bearing allows even, powerful cutting over the whole blade length. Through the practical single-handed lock, the Grass Shears can be quickly and easily locked. The warranty period is 25 years.

Gardena Garden Secateurs 18mm

SKU: 8754-20
GARDENA's Garden Secateurs are the right tool for you to cut flowers, young shoots and green wood. They have a cutting diameter of 18 mm and are very comfortable to hold thanks to their ergonomic handles, making cutting easier. The upper precision-ground and non-stick coated blade and the stainless steel lower blade with bypass cutting principle ensure a clean cu