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Build It Diamond Saw Blade Pack Of 3 Blades 115mm

SKU: 2424847
The diamond wheel can be used on wet and dry surfaces The diamond wheel works better when cutting surface is kept wet. When using water, never forget to take precautions against electric leakage

Pferd Cutting Disc Steel 115mm X 2.4mm

SKU: FG2061505
Fast work progress thanks to high cutting performance. Maximum economic efficiency due to very long tool life

Pferd Cutting Disc Stone 115mm X 2.4mm

SKU: FG2061504
Hard, high-performance tool of hardness R (C) with high cutting performance, high lateral stability and very long tool life.

Pferd Grinding Disc Steel 115mm X 7.2mm

SKU: FG2063115
Fast work progress and high economic efficiency thanks to the high grinding performance. Long tool life. Also suitable for low-power angle grinders. Soft grinding characteristics, achieves particularly high stock removal rates even at low contact pressure

Tork Craft Angle Grinder Wood Blade 4 Teeth 115mm

SKU: TC911504
This blade is used for cutting & shaping wood 115mm blade with 22.23mm bore