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Ryobi generator 10Kva 4-stroke key start

Max 11 000 Watt with key start and manual start Maintenance-free battery included Reliable AVR system

Ryobi generator 2700w 4-stroke 2.5Kva

SKU: RG-2700
Powerful 2,700 watt air-cooled, 4-stroke engine Fitted with overload protection switch To determine the size generator, total the wattage of the maximum number of items to be run simultaneously. Never exceed maximum run rating

Ryobi generator 3000w 4-stroke

SKU: RG-3500
Powerful 3,000W air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with key start and manual start Maintainance free battery included Reliable AVR System with heavy duty “roll-cage” for rough handling conditions

Ryobi generator 5500w 4-stroke 5.5Kva key start

SKU: RG-6900K
Powerful 5 500 Watt, air cooled, 4 stroke engine Sturdy roll cage, hand rails and strong wheels for easy transportation

Ryobi generator 650w 2-stroke

SKU: RG-950
650w generator with air cooled motor and pull start Model number RG-950

Ryobi generator 7000w 4-stroke 7.9kva

SKU: RG-7900K
7000w 7.9kva generator with battery & key start. Model number RG-7900K

Ryobi generator 95cc 4-stroke

SKU: RG-1200
Built-in see through fuel gauge Built-in overload current protection for efficient power delivery Powerful 95cc 4-stroke petrol engine delivers 1Kw of power

Ryobi inverter generator suitcase 3000w with remote start

SKU: RG-3200I
Portable inverter generator offering a versatile and economical source of electrical power with overload alert light, suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial uses for up to 7hrs of operation. Remote Control Powerful engine produces pure sine wave power with no mixing of fuel and oil, easy to use and safe for digital equipment.