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Decor Wall Fan Curved Arm Pull Chain 3 Speed

Chrome metal Unique curve design Oscillate/stand still 3 speed 3 Pin RSA plug

Gardena Outdoor Cooling Mist Set

SKU: 13135-20
The Outdoor Cooling Mist Set cools temperature by up to 6?C by releasing a fine soft spray through micro mist nozzles. Easy to install on balconies, terraces, under umbrellas and in gazebo?s. The system links to standard garden hose fitting and hosepipe. Refreshing cool spray effect - perfect for hot Summer days. To have the spray effect automated, use in conjunction with Gardena EasyPlus Water Control (1888-20). This Water Control is designed to working with the Mist Set allowing short cycles (in seconds or minutes).

Goldair Ceiling Fan 52 Inch 132cm 5 Blades 3 Lights

SKU: GCF-525
Adjustable fan speeds Pull chain operation Easy to install

Shadecloth Knittex Cladding Green 18m x 50m roll

SKU: 06/030/485
Knittex Perimeter Netting is an attractive flexible barrier net used to demarcate building construction sites and restrict unauthorised entry. Knittex Perimeter Netting is a knitted lock-stitch mesh fabric, manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, high quality pigments and UV stabilisers.