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Academy Paint The Town Pink Brush Set 100mm

SKU: F2855
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Academy Paint The Town Pink Brush Set 25mm

SKU: F2851
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Academy Paint The Town Pink Brush Set 50mm

SKU: F2853
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Academy Paint The Town Pink Roller Set

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Agrinet Geyser Blanket Kit Universal

Geyser blankets are made with aluminium laminated SABS material and is recommended by Eskom

Alva Braai Set 3 Piece

SKU: BA174
Alva 3 piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set includes: 39cm tongs with silicone grip, locking mechanism & hanging hole 36cm knife with hanging hole 36cm BBQ fork with hanging hole

Alva Cylinder Top Heater And Stem 360 Degree

Screws directly onto the cylinder Easy manual ignition Solid portable design Extension tube powder-coated steel

Alva Instant Infrared Heater Tank Top Stainless Steel

Doubles as Convenient Fishing Lamp Screws directly onto Cylinder Stainless steel

Amaze Solo Smart Wall Panel Heater 420W


The Solo smart uses 420watts of electricity making it more energy-efficient compared to other heaters that can run up to 1500 watts.

Made from Fibre cement with no exposed elements and the air not drying out due to the natural convection technology, this makes our products suitable for infants and allergy sufferers.

Smart Application: This includes WiFi and a Programmable timer that allows you to control, program and select a certain function on the panel via the Smart App on any Smart Device. 

Anthracite Nuts Small / Medium 40Kg

SKU: 14400
Anthracite Small Nuts are a natural smokeless fuel, ideal for use in cookers and boilers. This is a high performance fuel with a low flame and high heat output. The nuts bed together closely which results in an intense fire bed, providing great efficiency and value for money.

Aqs Pump Combo With Hose Kit 1.1Kw Cpm170

SKU: 15020005S
Single impeller centrifugal pumps suitable to meet any small, medium or large capacity requests. Used for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes; with water distribution through small and medium sized tanks. Also often used for sprinkler and flood irrigation systems in gardening and agriculture.