Culterra barkchips decorative 30dm3 25mm

Product Code: BARK25MM30DM


Culterra bark chips are crushed sieved and bagged. Bark chips are ideal for decorative purposes, pathways and use as a mulch.



Benefits of bark: Not only are bark chips decorative but also extremely functional in your garden.
They are ideal for covering borders, flowerbeds and footpaths and for filling in between sleepers
and stepping stones. Bark acts as a mulch and can reduce garden maintenance by suppressing
weeds and retaining moisture in the soil. They will insulate the roots of plants during frosty periods
and can prevent soil erosion with heavy rain. Culterra Decorative Bark Chips are available in 9mm,
25mm and 50mm pieces and are packaged in 5dm3 and 30dm3 bags.

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