Alcolin Filla Foam natural 750ml

Product Code: 086-50


ALCOLIN FILLA FOAM is a one-part moisture curing expanding polyurethane foam, which is used to fill, seal, and insulate. It cures to a durable, semi-rigid structure, is non-shrinking and has outstanding insulating properties. It has exceptional adherence to most construction materials and is suitable for interior and exterior applications. ALCOLIN FILLA FOAM is weatherproof and damp proof. It is non-toxic and will not expand, shrink or decay once cured.



Uses / Applications
High foaming speed
Once component, no need for previous mixing
Excellent primerless adhesion to most construction materials
Weatherproof – excellent water resistance
Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
Cured product can be cut, plastered, drilled and painted
Very good dimensional stability
Good sag resistance – does not run off vertical surfaces
Moulds itself to surface irregularities
Will not rot – does not support mould or fungus
Fills cracks, joints and gaps around pipes, vents, utility lines and electrical outlets
Seals out drafts around windows, doors and baseboards
Secures window and door frames to walls
Fills large gaps and spaces between prefab elements
Provides structural space e.g. below shower tray
Seams between chimneys, roof panels and wall panels
Insulates vehicles, caravans and boats
Insulating electrical outlets
Thermal, sound and water insulation
Bonds roof tiles
Gluing of insulating panels like polyurethane and polystyrene
Increases the rigidity of structures
Backing material before application of sealants
Rodent and insect barrier

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