Bosch gas water heater optiflow professional 20l with wired remote

Product Code: T4800-O20-31LPG


The Bosch OptiFlow Professional is a gas-powered, 6 star energy rated continuous flow hot water system which comes in 16L, 20L and 26L varieties. The Professional model is the non-Bluetooth enabled version.

Remote controller with 20m cable included in the price

Solar compatible water heater



Bosch’s OptiFlow combustion management system utilizes a patented algorithm to modulate the appliance gas valve and fan speed to ensure optimum combustion. The gas to air ratio is measured 4 times per second, and if necessary adjusted. This process is ongoing over the lifetime of the appliance, allowing it to intelligently and continuously adapt to changing environmental conditions, ensuring optimum efficiency in all conditions over the lifetime of the appliance.

A new patented Bosch technology known as “Easy Minimum” allows the OptiFlow hot water system to operate at very low minimum power output, while maintaining a stable output temperature for more comfortable showers. This technology is beneficial in situations where the incoming water temperature is high and only a small temperate rise is needed. In this situation the appliance burner modulates in conjunction with an active by-pass valve. This feature extends the operating range of continuous flow water heater technology.

OptiFlow combustion management system

6 star efficiency

Compact, lightweight

Solar compatible water heater

Electronically controlled modulation

50°C compliant models available

10 year heat exchanger warranty

2 year parts warranty

Non Bluetooth Enabled Appliance


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Gas | Electric


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